Legal Conformity

practical and manageable

The implementation of environmental and health and safety legislation presents a big challenge, especially to the productivity of businesses. Due to the variety of European, German and employer’s liability insurance regulations, our clients are increasingly requesting that we determine, delegate and implement pertinent legislation through the business policies. Relevant operational and legal changes are incorporated, and the status kept up to date.

Our capacity in detail

Creation of legal policy and obligation directories, incorporating pertinent legal regulation

Delegation of the implementation and control responsibility to the appropriate positions in the business and measurable presentation of the progress of the implementation

Regular updates from the legal cadastre in connection with legal and operational changes, at intervals agreed with you

Conduct management workshops, comprising of the mutual preparation and joint solution approaches, to guarantee the legal conformity in regards to current obligations

Conduct compliance audits to review adherence to the legal regulations in the everyday operation of the business

Preparation/ adaptation of the written obligation transference within the business in the completed legal cadastre

Legal Compliance

A dry topic, that is governed by constant changes, that needs to be molded to be interesting and practically relevant and presented in a manageable format with the view of the essentials both clear and pragmatic. Therein our aspiration is the creation of a document that details the investigation into and observance of binding obligations, which also satisfies the requirements of ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001.