satisfied customers

QUALITY is if the characteristics of products or services correspond with the client demands and, where necessary, further interested parties (for example legislators).* From this perspective, we set up quality management systems compliant with ISO 9001 and supporting you with the maintenance and auditing of these respectively. With each individual process and each procedure that we detail together with you, our ambition is to achieve a contribution to the product quality improvement.

* following ISO 9000:2015

Realise potential and use efficiently

With the aid of a systematic approach, we recognise priorities in the operational quality management in your business and support you in the implementation of corresponding measures; for example from the optimisation of supplier qualification and assessment, client satisfaction analysis and the improvement of quality control through to the maintenance of your testing and measuring instruments.

Increase in profits through the reduction in non-conformance costs

Preserve existing established products – Increase the acceptance through the expansion of processes already established

Satisfied customers and improved business image through the increase in product quality

„We have the same goal“ – Motivation of the employees through mutual configuration of procedures and processes

Efficient and effective processes

Together with you we produce the preconditions to establish quality management systems and we facilitate these, not only to serve the purpose of obtaining ISO-9001 certification, but in order to organise business processes effectively and efficiently, based on a suitable organisational structure. This is an essential contribution to long term business success and to achieve the safeguarding of jobs.